RTI: Response to Intervention

Every Tuesday and Thursday time is set aside for students to attend reteaching seminars, enrichment activities, or study halls. Students need to sign up online before 10pm on Wednesday the week before the RTI sessions begin.



Grades are currently available online. They are updated daily. Check frequently to track student progress throughout the year. If there are any problems with access to the online Aeries system, please contact the front office of the school.

Assignment Breakdown

In each class, assignments are divided into different categories. Each category makes up a percentage of the overall grade in the course. Different categories carry different weight. Therefore, some assignments are worth more than others. The weight and categories may change from quarter to quarter as the year progresses. Below is the current category breakdown.

United States History

Comprised of notes, textbook work, projects...
Class work / Homework—20%
Comprised of worksheets, writing, speeches, projects...
Tests and Quizzes—25%
Comprised of the really fun stuff...


Yearbook Pages—35%
Comprised of layout, design, content...
Field Work—65%
Comprised of writing, photography, interviews...

Grading Key

Graded assignment are given a point value according to the quality of the work. Use the chart below to find the corresponding letter grade of the assignment.

Grade Chart
Grade 25 Point Assignment 50 Point Assignment 75 Point Assignment 100 Point Assignment Minimum Percentage
A+ 25 50 75 100 97%
A 24 48 72 96 93%
A- 23 46 69 92 90%
B+ 22 44 67 89 87%
B 21 43 65 86 83%
B- 20 41 62 82 80%
C+ 19 39 59 79 77%
C 18 38 57 76 73%
C- 18 36 54 72 70%
D+ 17 34 52 69 67%
D 16 33 50 66 63%
D- 15 31 47 62 60%
F 14 29 44 59 59%
Symbol Value Meaning
redBox No points Missing. Assignment not turned in and/or attempted.
NA No points Excused. The assignment will not affect the current grade.
P Full credit Student receives full credit for the course.

Assignment Passes

Students receive two assignment passes at the beginning of each quarter and they are valid for the rest of the school year. These passes may be submitted in place of any assignment up to 25 points (unless otherwise specified by the teacher) within seven days of the due date. These passes are intended to be used when students have difficulty completing assignments due to unforeseen events or situations. Use them wisely.

Assignment Passes

Will Rogers says...

Will Rogers Rogers quotes

Class Information

Syllabus: Guide to Success

To ensure success for the school year, a list of general policies has been established to help students and parents know what is expected of them. This form is given to students on the first day of school and is expected to be signed by both the student and parent(s) showing that they have read the list of policies and expectations. The form is collected on the second day of school.


Students need basic supplies to be successful in the classroom. All items can be found at any stationary store and most drug stores.

Contact Information

Teacher Email

Contact Mr. Chisholm via email:

Voice Mail

510-247-0665 ext. 7124

School Address

Creekside Middle School
19722 Center Street
Castro Valley, CA 94546

Parent Contact

Parents need to make sure that their email addresses are kept up to date with the front office of the school. School officials and teachers use the email addresses on file with the school. If the parent email address changes or is no longer used, school information will not get to the parents.

Student Stuff

Student Wisdom

Teenage observations have left humanity with tremendous knowledge. Here are a few of the highlights of student wisdom.

Pledge of Allegiance

The exact date of this audio is forgotten. It was recorded approximately around 2008.