Student Wisdom

What kind of person under thirty goes on a diet?
—Elenita, February 2007
Money is for people who want money.
—Max, March 2007
There is no such thing as an original quote.
—Princeton, April 2007
So how boring does a book have to be before it counts as non-fiction?
—Erin, October 2007
Did you steal my Rolos?
—Kelsey, February 2008
Who gets to school early to hang out? Seriously.
—Amanda G., October 2009
If you know it's going to be a bad day, I never wear mascara.
—Kelly, December 2010
I don't have a diary, I have a journal.
—Kannen, November 2012
Women are feminine.
—Jacob, May 2013
I know my fonts.
—Joshua, October 2013
Weird stuff is weird.
—Lindsey, April 2017
I actually have to work now.
—Jaslene, February 2022